Expert heating oil tank

Expert heating oil tank - expert for systems for handling water-polluting substances (AwSV)

Dr. Wolfgang Fischer - expert for heating oil tanks - we have been a competent and reliable expert for heating oil tanks and heating oil systems in Germany and Europe.
Commissioning, periodic testing, decommissioning of above-ground or underground heating oil tanks. Preparation of technical reports according to AwSV and WHG.

What we are:

Expert heating oil tank
Commissioning, periodic inspection, decommissioning

We are officially recognized experts and experts according to the Ordinance on Installations for Handling Water Hazardous Substances (AwSV) and the Water Resources Act (WHG).Gutachter Heizoeltank Sachverständiger AwSV WHG Heizöltank Heizöltanks

As an appraiser, we check heating oil tanks, slurry tanks and biogas plants in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 33 AwSV. As an expert AwSV of the ARGE TPO according to §53 AwSV, we are experts for commissioning, for periodic inspections and for the decommissioning of all types of containers and systems according to AwSV. In addition, we assess damage to these containers and systems technically and commercially.

Wir erstellen Prüfberichte AwSV für Heizöltanks und Gutachten kompetent, unabhängig, ausschließlich persönlich und selbstverständlich kostengünstig.

I am an AwSV expert for Germany and Euroope according to §53 AwSV for heating oil tanks and heating oil systems.

I will check your system safely, quickly and inexpensively according to WHG and AwSV.

More Details

I am an expert for heating oil systems, JGS tanks and biogas systems in accordance with the AwSV.

I was appointed by the expert organization 1st ARGE TPO as an expert for heating oil tanks, biogas plants and JGS tanks in accordance with section 53 of the AwSV.

Sachverständiger Dr. Fischer

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